Azure Database Migration Service is a completely managed and created to enable seamless migrations from multiple database sources to Azure Data platforms with minimum downtime. This service is currently in General Availability, with ongoing development efforts focused on.

  • Reliability and performance.
  • Iterative addition of source-target pairs.
  • Continued investment in friction-free migrations.
When migrating from SQL Server, supported or sources for Azure Database Migration Service are SQL Server 2005 through SQL Server 2019.
Azure Database Migration Service to perform both offline and online migrations. With an offline migration, application downtime starts when the migration start. With an online migration, downtime is limited to the time to cut over at the end of Azure Database migration. Our experts suggest that you first test an offline migration to determine whether the downtime is acceptable, if not, then do an online migration.
Oracle Cloud Service provisions a DB system with the requested number of cores on a high performance bare metal server or virtual machine, deploys Oracle Database software with the edition of your choice, and creates the Database system in a virtual cloud network. The virtual cloud network is a private network with user-configured security lists which protects the DB system from unauthorized access. Oracle Database Cloud Service also provides manageability features like database service patching, configuring high availability using Oracle Data Guard and backup/restore which simplifies day-to-day tasks required to run your Oracle databases.
Enterprises or Organizations want to adopt AWS at scale but often the skills that have served them well in traditional IT don’t always translate to success in the cloud. Organizations must transform with new skills, tools and processes, while maintaining compliance and accelerating innovation to drive their businesses. AWS Managed Services solve these use cases for enterprises, enabling them to migrate to AWS at scale faster, reduce their operating costs, improve security and compliance and focus on their differentiating business priorities.
Its helps accelerate cloud adoption by defining a standardized operating environment and common application stack templates for use by both cloud-native and traditional workloads. AWS Managed Services fast-tracks cloud adoption by providing a turnkey service that augments or replaces your infrastructure management capability, and supports your existing operational processes.