Azure Cost Management is a free tool that empowers us to monitor, allocate, and optimize expenditure in a multi-cloud environment. One of the most efficient features of this tool is Budget, which can be customized to set a budget limit of your choice to control the expenditure.


STEP 1. Open your Microsoft Azure account and click on subscriptions.

Click on subscriptions.

STEP 2. Click on the subscription in which you want to set a budget limit. The subscription showed in the image below is the default.

Select Subscriptions

STEP 3. Click on Budgets under the cost management section.

Click Budget

As I didn’t have any Budgets set, I was charged for resources which I started up accidentally.

STEP 4. Click on Add.

Click Add

STEP 5. Set the name of the Budget.

Set the period for which you want your budget to affect i.e. monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

Set the Budget amount.

Set the Budget details.

STEP 6. You can also change the scope of your Budget if you have multiple subscriptions.


set scope.

STEP 7. You can set the alert conditions to get notified by email when you have spent a certain percentage of the budget.

Alert conditions.

STEP 8. Click on Create.

Click create.


Now you don’t have to worry if you accidentally started up resources. This is the best way to monitor your expenses in an azure account.

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